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There was once a time when digital photography was not considered “real” photography. Photography was something that required practiced hands that knew the intricacies of framing a photo before it was taken, that knew how to develop those pictures from negatives, and was utilized by a specific profession known as a photographer. Considering digital photography real would cheapen its analog alternative. It did not require skill. The photographs could be manipulated to be something entirely different than what they were when they were taken. It was too quick and too easy to be real. However, digital photography is so prevalent that this mindset has been undone. While there are still analog photography enthusiasts, the term “photographer” is now so broad that it is no longer a useful demographic to have, because everyone who has a cell phone in their pocket is capable of being a photographer. As the Information Age takes a stronger hold in more and more aspects of life we are seeing this phenomenon happen elsewhere, including digital art. However, we are not there yet. The idea that only traditional paintings are real paintings still exists. 


We are recruiting artists to recreate traditional paintings in contemporary styles using digital methods. The digital paintings will be displayed in a showcase beginning on April 28th at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington for a limited time. Our goal is to embrace these paintings as real paintings and thus treat them as such. We will also use the comparison of the traditional style paintings and the contemporary style paintings to gauge our patrons' favor of each based on their age and gender. If the Information Age is changing the public's tastes as quickly as we predict it is, then we should see a stark difference between age groups. 


As a contributing artist, you will retain all rights to the images you create. Uploading your image indicates consent for use only on this website and in the showcase. Sign up on the right to contribute!



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